The Project

The European Union, as well as the whole world, is in a very difficult economic situation. Almost all countries have to cope with the crisis and their citizens are forced to deal with a new, financially difficult and demanding situation. At the same time, the societies of Europe are facing additional problems: aging populations, an increasing number of people ending education very early in their lives, reducing provisions from the State and employers. Young people are not prepared to deal with this financially difficult situation – and schools don’t take financial education much in consideration. The majority of people seriously lack the knowledge about financial matters and planning. The need for financial education is becoming more and more obvious in all European countries, as living in the circumstances of globalization, ICT growth and overwhelming inflow of new, completely innovative goods becomes more and more demanding for customers. Financial goods are changing and a variety of new products is introduced on the market every month, every week or even every day. Banks offer a variety of products which are so complicated that without the necessary knowledge about finances people risk losing money and falling into debt traps.

The HBM project supports the development of innovative ICT-based content for lifelong learning in the field of financial education. It fosters the uptake of ICT for learning in education and training systems, including open and distance learning and open educational resources. This universal subject – financial education – is applicable to many sectors almost in the same shape: the needs are the same for students, youth, adults, or seniors. The technology to be fostered is a method that consists in production of e-learning solutions on an e-learning platform (which can be accessed on a PC, a notebook, or mobile devices).

Under the project an e-course (tutorials) will be developed to teach people how to gain financial independence and take responsibility for their financial future, taking into consideration the following issues: understanding the concept of money, a person’s financial needs throughout life (including retirement), financial management in the short, medium and long term, the meaning and consequences of saving and borrowing, how to manage debts and avoid difficulties, the concept of investment.


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On 16-17.11.2016 was a meeting of the project partners HBM in Campobasso. Take a look at the photos and videos of meetings related to the pre-testing of the product.

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Try the first module of the tutorial, click on the picture below and use our tools LMS Losglobos - financial education

The first module on financial education will be soon available. We invite you to watch the introductory movie.


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